baby massage basingstoke
baby massage basingstoke
Baby & Me Time
Baby & Me Time


What does the cost include?


You will be supplied with a bottle of oil to keep and each week printed handouts will be given out detailing the massage strokes learned that week as well as any other relevant information we will have covered. 


From what age can babies attend?


We accept all babies from birth to around 12 months. 


What if my baby is crying/sleeping/needs feeding during the class?


The class is a relaxed and informal environment and everyone is encouraged to do whatever they need to do for their babies.  If you need to feed, then just go ahead.  If they are crying and you need to get up and walk around the room with them, just do it.  If your baby is sleeping, it’s fine.  It is not recommended to wake a baby from a deep sleep so whilst yout baby has a nap you will have the option to practice on a demo doll.  In class you will learn the massage strokes and have handouts so that you can practice them at home.  There will be plenty of opportunities to review all of the strokes each week so you won’t miss anything.  All parents are in the same situation and we all understand that babies don’t work to a set timetable. 


What should I bring with me?


The venue will be arranged so that each baby will have a place with a waterproof yoga mat.  When you come to the class all you will need is your baby and a towel or a blanket to make them more comfortable (something that you won’t mind getting messy, in case of any spillages!) as well as any baby equipment you usually need. 


At your first class you will be given a bottle of oil for you to keep.  You will be sitting on the floor so make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes that you can easily move in.  If you find sitting on the floor uncomfortable, we can show you some alternative positions that may help.


Can dads do this?


Absolutely! Baby massage is a wonderful way for dad to get involved and demonstrate their love for their new baby.  Mums are welcome to accompany dads to these classes and enjoy a relaxing hour while dad takes over. 


What type of oil is used for massage?


We use cold pressed organic sunflower oil as this is easily absorbed by the skin and contains vitamins.  This oil has been found to be agreeable to babies with very rare chance of a reaction.  Babies like to put their hands in their mouths and may ingest some of the oil so a natural and organic vegetable oil is safest.   


You will be given a free bottle of oil at your first session which will be yours to keep. 


My friend is expecting a baby; can I book a course as a gift?


A place on a baby massage course is a lovely unique gift which is a great treat for both the mother and baby.  Baby & Me Time offers gift vouchers which can be ordered via telephone or email.  Gift vouchers must be redeemed within 12 months of the date of issue.  No refunds can be given, however they can be transferred to another person if required.  

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